So what is it?

Well, right now, Retrograde Online is just an idea I’ve got for a game, with some components sitting in my GitHub repository.

But assuming I manage to complete this project, which in itself would be a first, then it will become an actual hosted application.

Retrograde Online will be a browser-based game where the player takes on the role of an overseer of a newly founded colony on a resource-rich world.

The best way to describe it is a kind of MUD-like game, with colony management, 4X themes, persistent world etc. If you think about a mesh of old games such as Planetarion, Eve Online, Anno 1602, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, Anarchy Online, Civilization, Crusader Kings, and take elements from each, that is what I am aiming for with this game.

The universe is set in the far future, long after the decline of the great galaxy-spanning Empires. Technological achievment has peaked, and the knowledge of the past forgotten.

Many relics from the halcyon days still exist, powering the hollow remnants of the dead cities and world-ships.

Even though human power has drained away from the galaxy, and the secrets of technology have faded into magic and mysticism, life continues.

Civilisations still exist and prosper, though on much smaller scales than before. New empires are founded and compete with their rivals over the remains of the past.

Players choose which faction they want to represent, and are charged with expanding the power of their benefactor by growing a successful and self-sustaining colony.

The world is hostile, and the colony can become quickly overwhelmed if care isn’t taken to ensure its survival.

Food needs to be grown for the colonists to consume, population increases and decreases along with happiness and health, leading to further colony management decisions to take.

Minerals need to be mined to grow the colony, recruit new units to defend against hostile creatures, and fuel the upkeep.

As the colony grows it becomes possible to explore surrounding areas adjacent to the initial starting location of the colony. These nodes can contain hostile enemies, or useful items, or a suitable location for a new colony to be started, and more.

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