The Long Pause

I should have known this would happen.

I lost enthusiasm for the Retrograde project due the way I have gone about designing and implementing things. After looking into Domain Driven Design and implementing it in my project, I realise that it is a big waste of time for me. I should have just stuck with my usual approach. This has slowed down the server-side development considerably.

Secondly, learning React at the same time was a problem for me, and a total lack of unit tests has meant that things that used to work now no longer work. One bug I have just noticed after two months away is that constructions no longer count down their ticks, instead they immediately show as “completed”. They are not actually completed, that logic is unaffected, but the display time is. This is because I am now in British Summer Time, and have been since the end of March, and I haven’t run Retrograde since before the clock change. There must be a mismatch between the date time objects I am using across the client and server.

So I reckon I will have to update the client to stick with Universal Coordinated Time. That’s not such a problem.

The bigger issue is me deciding what I actually want to achieve here.

I will need to do a full re-write of the server code as after returning to it two months later, I am not happy with it. This DDD approach needs to go. I will replace the entity objects with services specific to the entity being worked on. I will also add some unit tests to the code.

I may also re-think my React idea.

Anyway, that’s it really, I haven’t made any progress on the game. In fact I gave it up for dead and moved onto other things to distract me, but those distractions have melted away now, and Retrograde is coming back to me.

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10th May 2024

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