Arkham Horror and Other Board Games

No longer interested in drawing.

I still like the idea of being able to draw, but with the amount of time I would have to put into learning how to draw properly and the practice required to improve is too much for me.

Guess I need to look into selling most of those books from the previous post.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about Retrograde Online. Specifically whether I can actually be bothered. There are so many mobile games out there that do my ideas way better and with graphics. But then that was not the point of it, was it? It was a project to keep me occupied, to learn some more React, and to have ownership of something that others’ could play. Maybe I will continue with it, but I need a re-think about what I am trying to achieve.

I suspect I am taking too wide of a view, and need to narrow down my requirements for a version 1.0.

Anyway, as the title of this post suggests, I have recently been playing Arkham Horror: The Card Game as a solo investigator and have really been enjoying it. I’ve recorded the first two scenarios from the introduction campaign Night of the Zealot, which I will post about in the coming few days. I was also looking at getting the expansions for it, maybe The Dunwich Legacy first, but I’ll need to check out what ones I actually need, as the selection is pretty confusing to a moron like myself.

I might have another go at Night of the Zealot with some more investigators once I nail down the rules. It is hugely time consuming having to check out the rulebook every few minutes.

The other LCG from Fantasy Flight Games that looked interesting to me, and therefore I will likely buy real soon, is The Lord of the Rings Card Game. I’ve always liked Middle-earth, and already own The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth and have played that a few times. I will probably do a little series on that too.

Oh, and Scythe. This is a game I’ve had for more years than I have actual plays with. I need to rectify that, so I’ll have a go at the automata and see how I get on.

So, yeah, board games is my thing this month. I have plenty of them too. Other ones that I want to play, but need actual physical people to play with me, are Brass Birmingham, Dominion, Wingspan (although I think this has a single-player mode too), Spirit Island.

I was also looking at buying Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island.

But I am aware I tend to go hard on these new distractions, and board games are expensive, so I may limit myself to just one this time.

So, yeah, why not head over to the Board Games section and have a look.

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2nd May 2024

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