New year, new blog

I’ve created a blog for me to post stuff to.

It’s mainly going to be about Retrograde, but also any other interesting things I think are worth a mention (and probably many times, even when they are not).

I’ve tried to do this sort of thing several times, each iteration of a blog gets slightly better, but never manages to keep my interest beyond the initial work that goes into creating it.

This time should be different. I’ve decided to use a static-site generator for this attempt, rather than writing the entire thing from scratch. This way I only have to think about content (so easy) and not about how to actually display it.

I’ve chosen Hugo with the Risotto theme (tokyo-night-dark bundled palette, if you are interested). You can probably see that at the bottom of the page.

I like this theme because of its dark yet kind of bright colours, and it has a feel a bit like a computer terminal, which should help set the scene.

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1st January 2024

Some Blog