Dev Update 6

I’ve spent a bit more time on Retrograde over the last few days. I had a long weekend and currently have no other fixations to manage out, so decided to jump back into this project.

When I started looking over what I had managed to build so far I noticed a few things I could add/fix.

These included the fix for UTC I mentioned in my last dev update. Now units and buildings count down correctly, rather than immediately showing as completed, even if on the server it was not.

There were also a number of bugs I fixed:

  • Construction showing as available to build before their prerequisite research had completed
  • The next unit completion time not being added after the current unit’s completion time
  • Issue where you can overload the construction queues

I also added some new stuff to the city resource overview, so it will now take into account the upkeep of any units that have been built:

Here’s the garrison containing some units, each militia costs one food per tick, and each Man-At-Arms costs two food per tick:

The smart ones among you will realise that this means a total cost of 45 food per tick. The colony has already constructed a Hydroponics Farm to increase its food production rate by one (i.e. allowing you to produce any food at all), and multiplies this by the food production base rate of seven. Which gives you:

Yes, negative 38 food, so this colony will not last long (once I actually get round to making negative food have an effect, and deduct it from the resources).

Plus I made it so upgrading the Colony Hub would increase the number of available construction slots by four per level. Previously you were capped at four constructions in the colony:

Trying to build a new construction when you have no available slots results in the error being shown:

But now you can upgrade your colony hub:

Which will increase your available construction slots in the city:

Allowing you to build another construction:

How very exciting 😊

That’s all the progress I’ve made so far. Decided to stick with the whole DDD approach as I’ve written too much code to undo it all now. Besides, it works fine. I made need to improve some of it with regards to entity framework calls, but I doubt this game will ever have any players anyway, so what is the point in worrying about something that is unlikely to happen?

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3rd June 2024

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