An actual website

This website … lives!

That’s right, I’ve managed to get this website to deploy to Azure as a static web app via a GitHub Action CI/CD workflow.

It’s currently using the catchy URL, but this will be changing when I eventually transfer over my domain.

Just have to enter the CNAME hostname record and give it to my DNS provider.

I am not the greatest when it comes to websites. It always seemed to lie outside the realms of the software development that I was involved in. IT Support always knew how to deal with this stuff. That’s the Ops part of DevOps though, and I have never liked DevOps.

It seems to me like it’s just another way to dump more responsibility on the developer. Just like how developers are also expect to act as testers when there is too much testing to be done (read: company management is so poor they cannot balance the work-load effectively), as business analysts when the management hasn’t hired or retained enough actual ones, as scrum masters, as sales, as IT support, and even as receptionists. The list of alternative roles is long indeed.

Anyway, as I do not have an Ops team, I’ve had to attempt to figure this out for myself.

I have added a DNS TXT record to the domain using an Azure verification ID, and then added a CNAME for in Azure.

I can’t actually add a CNAME to my DNS because is the root of a domain, so I’ve had to create another CNAME in Azure for a subdomain, and then the same again in the DNS provider.

Setting up URL forwarding from to the www subdomain also required adding an A Record to map the domain to IP, but that would conflict with the CNAME I had to set up for the subdomain! Argh. Rage. This is why I hate ops. Maybe I don’t need that www CNAME in the DNS provider after all?

So I’ve opened a ticket with the DNS provider and will wait for them to tell me what I have done wrong.

Hopefully by the end of the week this will be working from the domain, and not from awful azure domain.

Update: It’s working after all! I deleted that A record for the www subdomain, and left the CNAME in the DNS provider. If you were to go to, you should be redirected to and see this blog. What a time for you to be alive. Who even needs Ops anyway? Get back to second-line support where you belong.

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2nd January 2024

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